Know About SUP Rentals Near Me

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a thrilling new water sport. It’s a great work out to strengthen the whole body and core. You can paddle board just just about as long as there is a body of water and you don’t have to learn how to swim. You can learn more at SUP rentals near me.

Not only from a health perspective, the results are excellent, but you will burn calories and boost your equilibrium. You may want to take some yoga classes to greatly improve your balance. Practicing yoga will improve your balance and endurance so you can stand up and paddle more easily.  Paddle boarding strengthens your muscles and is a great workout for aerobics.  Did I mention it’s not only a great way of exercising, it’s fun too?

Stand-up paddle boarding is becoming very popular so we thought we’d give you some pointers about what you’re going to need and how to get started.Equipment: You’ll need the proper gear first. Minimum equipment to this sport is required. All that’s needed is a paddle and a board. If you’re a beginner you want an extremely easy no frills board to stand on, trust me! We consider renting a board or purchasing a used board as boards can be costly. When you decide if this is the best sport for you, you will create your own Table.

Just make sure that the board is water tight and that it floats well. Its sort of learning how to drive… The station wagon will start, the Ferrari will come later.


  • Keep your feet apart about the length of your shoulder, facing the board forward.
  • The paddle is held at the top of the paddle with one hand below the other; with the top hand all the way up to the top. (If you paddle on the right side of the board, keep your right hand on the paddle lower than your left.)
  • Alternate strokes on each side to keep the board straight.

Drag the paddle to the side you want to turn around to turn the board. Step back onto the board and drag the paddle to the side you want to turn makes it easier to turn