Specialty Camping Chairs


There is a wide variety of specialty camping chairs on the market today. Manufacturers realize that not all of us have the same needs when it comes to casual seating. Whether you do a lot of car camping, attend many sporting events or like to sit at the beach in the sun, there is a camping chair that is right for you. Spend a little time determining what kind of features you will use the most and chances are, someone has a chair for you.

Double Camping Chair

There’s nothing better than sitting hand-in-hand with your loved one by a roaring campfire. Double camping chairs make outdoor cuddling just that much easier. Available in a few different configurations, a double camp chair offers something a single chair can’t – the ability to be closer to one another. Loveseat camping chairs are the best for hand holding, but other options are available too. Some double camp chairs have a center arm rest with room for beverages, books and other accessories. If you’re looking for a double camping chair, the best bet is to try a few, especially if you have different height requirements since one size may not fit all.Things You Must Check Before Buying A Camping Chair

Camping Lounge Chair

If you aren’t too worried about portability and if comfort is your primary concern, you may want to investigate camping lounge chairs. There’s nothing like stretching out with a good book in the great outdoors and listening to nature serenade you while you read or nap. Many lounge chairs fold down but they can be heavy and may not be a good option for backpackers or folks who plan on carrying the chair a large distance.

Rocking Camping Chairs

One of the newer camp chair designs is the camping chair rocker. Available as a folding camping chair, these rockers are surprisingly comfortable and relaxing. We’ve found that many of these rockers are taller than the traditional camping chair – so try a few out to find one that fits you well, particularly if you are not overly tall.

Reclining Camp Chairs

A recliner is a great compromise between a traditional camp chair and a lounge chair. They are more portable and weigh less and still have the added advantage of reclining a bit to provide just a bit more comfort.