Choose A Skilled Defense Attorney

For most of us, it is a very strange feeling when we learn that we, or a loved one, stand accused of a crime. We tend to think of “criminals” as undesirable individuals who have fallen into the shadows of humanity and spend their lives lurking on the ragged edges of society. When charged with a crime it is imperative to stop the fall into the shadows and choose a skilled defense lawyer who is qualified, experienced and competent to effectively represent us throughout our ordeal. navigate to this website.

Most people have, in their lives, stepped over the line of the law. Often, this occurs when we are young and still trying life on for size. Perhaps we simply took a risk or were swayed by bad judgment encouraged by companions. At that moment our offenses may have seemed trivial to us; shoplifting something on a dare, possession of an illegal substance, or one drink too many before climbing behind the wheel. For most of us, these are aberrations in the normal patterns of our ordinary lives and not an indication of who we are or likely to become. We may have been “lucky” and “gotten away with it,” but we later feel the self-guilt and embarrassment at our indiscretions.

For most there comes a point where their luck runs out and they are arrested for their actions. Although the law can be tempered by mercy, prosecution for an offense is fundamentally concerned with the cold hard facts of the here and now. If you drank too much and drove, you run the risk of being punished as a drunken driver. If you shoplifted, you are charged as a thief. If you are apprehended and found carrying an illegal substance, you are charged with illegal possession.

Although you are “presumed innocent” by the court, the world will treat you differently, and not always kindly, while you stand under these charges. Should you be convicted, you will face jail time or other punishment and thrust from the safe world of light and normalcy into the shadowy, frightening realms of the criminal punishment system.

The stakes, then, are high. It is time to find a good defense attorney who can help you, or your loved one, navigate out of this morass as safely and completely as possible. You want an attorney who will stand up on your side and work to beat back the shadows.

Here are a few tips to help you find the attorney who can best represent you:

  1. Choose an Attorney who specializes in crime. The criminal justice system is intimidating and complex. You do NOT want to go it alone, and you do not want to be represented by anyone less than a specialist. Find an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate a criminal court case such as yours.
  2. Evaluate your Attorney. In many cases your life (or at least a long stretch of it) will be in their hands, so do your homework. Ask the attorney about their practice and how big a part of their work takes place in the criminal area. Have they been involved with cases like yours before? And, most importantly, how many of their cases do the WIN?
  3. Do a “background check”. An internet search can be a helpful tool to learn more about the attorney you are thinking of hiring. Law journals and news websites are excellent sources of information. Look to see if your prospective attorney is prominent in any legal societies or bar associations. Good standing in these groups can indicate professional competence and success. If possible, get opinions from past clients.
  4. Determine Workload. While it’s often a bad sign when an attorney has no clients, it can also be a bad sign if their workload is too heavy. You need someone who is focused on your case and has the time to explore every possible avenue to protect your freedom and rights as much as possible.
  5. Choose someone you can work worth. Your journey into the criminal justice system is going to be frightening, confusing, and humiliating. You are choosing an advocate; someone you can trust to represent your best interests at all times who will make the effort to talk to you and explain your case and the realities of your situation in a way you can understand.