An Ultimate Guide To Merritt Supply

Image result for An Ultimate Guide To Merritt Supply"It is the development of software that has changed the aircraft spares industry more than anything else in the history of aviation. Supply chain management brings reduced inventories and increased materials availability. Stockouts, shortages and expediting fees are rarely due to a lack of inventory. Usually they are due to a lack of visibility, control, and system flexibility. Visit Website

This kind of software puts real-time usage data right at your fingertips – and provides the power to use this information to make sure that the right parts get to the right places precisely when they are needed.

With more control you can:

Substantially decrease your overall inventory

Quickly see and adapt to changes in demand… as they occur

Diminish the possibility of shortages and stockouts

In short, such software will let your employees spend their time adding value, not chasing parts or expediting shipments.

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Supply chain management software is a true pull system able to provide real-time demand data from each location – even for the highest volume parts.

>It has been designed specifically to meet the precise needs of multiple supplier operations and outsourcing.

>It automates the latest kitting, subassembly, and direct line feed (DLF) operations.

> It is aligned to your current warehouse, helping assign tasks and facilitate all steps of the materials flow in the most efficient manner.

> It can pay for itself within 6 months:

Provides initial savings, including decreased stock levels plus point-of-invoice controls, that should begin to pay for the system immediately. Dramatically decreases expediting fees, personnel costs, and end-of-the-year stock dumping. Once You See the system In Action, You Won’t Be Able To Imagine A Supply Chain Without It.