Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning includes 2 known methods for eliminating dust, debris, sand and even allergens: Dry Cleaning Process This requires advanced equipment and cleaning solutions to clean the carpet without introducing moisture. Therefore, the furniture dries more easily. It’s easier than any other carpet cleaning system too.

Dry cleaning techniques come in different forms. One is using special foam which stays in your carpet. The foam gets vacuumed when it’s cold.

Another is named’ the process of the bonnet,’ where a cleaning agent is misted on the carpet and then removed by a revolving shield and a pad where the contaminant is applied.View now carpet cleaners Winnipeg

Because of the limited amount of moisture used this process has the benefit of drying very rapidly. It’s debatable as people ask if they can remove all the traces.

Wet Cleaning Process In this process, costumers claim that the possibility of molds, mildew, odors, bacteria and even discoloration can return due to its slow drying period. Nevertheless, this approach has been perfected by cleaning services.

Steam washing or recycling of hot water uses a combination of high pressure water and hot water. So a hot cleaning fluid is poured onto the ground, then a type of vacuum removes it automatically.

This device has the downside that it can extract large amounts of mud, dust and other toxins. Nevertheless, drying time requires around 3-4 hours. It is the most recommended method of washing, because high heat will destroy molds, algae, and bacteria.