6 Types Of Replacement Windows

In choosing the right replacement windows for your home, consider these 6 basic types of windows that serve specific purposes in design, function, and aesthetics. Learn more about each one to know what is best for your own home. Learn More Here is an excellent resource for this.


An awning window is square or rectangular in size, hinged at the top and opens outward. These are best placed high on walls to provide natural ventilation and lighting while offering privacy to the homeowner. These can be installed in columns or rows to create a wall of natural light instead of plain walls. Many also prefer to position this on top of picture windows for a beautiful and functional effect.


Common in kitchens, casement replacement windows provide a full, unobstructed view of the outdoors. This is hinged at the side and opens outward. If placed facing a sink or stove, you don’t have to lean in to lift and open the window. No trouble opening the window with a convenient crank. You can catch the breeze and let in good amounts of fresh air in the room. For a more modern look, many opt for casement as replacement windows for its minimal yet functional design. If you are planning for that kind of style for your home, you can consider this one.


A double-hung window is common in most houses. It is the one that slides up and down and opens vertically. If you want to maximize the exterior space, you can use double-hung replacement windows because there is no need to open these outward. This is great for porches, patios, and walkways.


Also common in kitchens, gliding windows open horizontally with a sash that slides to the right. Like double-hung replacement windows, gliding window types do not occupy valuable outdoor space. This is ideal for high traffic areas like porches, walkways, and patios.


Picture windows are stationary windows that are often used to complement other window types like awnings and casements. These replacement windows provide good amounts of natural lighting to any room. When ventilation is not a priority because of air-conditioning units and heating systems, picture windows will be a good choice. If you also want to remove the feeling of a confined space, this can replace walls and redefine the home’s structure and design. A good view will be best appreciated with picture window replacements.

-Bay and Bow

A combination of windows extended outward is what we call bay and bow windows. It changes the architectural structure of the house and creates extra space because of its outward design. These are four or more units joined together to create a curved window wall. With these replacement windows, there is a sense of more space, which is great for small bedrooms.

Before choosing new window designs for your home, make sure you carefully consider how it will blend well with the design and style of your indoor and outdoor space. Lastly, make sure your replacement windows are functional, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain.